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Institutional framework


Institutional framework

The Unity for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (UST), part of the Directorate-General for the promotion of the country system (DGSP) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) has the aim to promote the dissemination of Italian science and technology abroad, through a network of experts, appointed in accordance of article 168 DPR 18/67 among public researchers and higher education.

The UST promotes and supports the Italian scientific research and sustains the companies operating in advanced technology sectors.

Its main tasks are:

  • Support and development of bilateral cooperation both in the negotiation phase and in the implementation of Executive protocols;
  • Promotion and support of the cooperation agreements between universities and research entities with the country accredited;
  • Promotion of the Italian scientific and technological system through the organization of events, workshops and conferences;
  • Information about the scientific system and the scientific policies implemented by the country accredited;
  • Spreading abroad of information concerning the Italian scientific system with regard to universities, institutes, entities, laboratories and other research organizations and related programs and projects;
  • Promotion of exchanges of Italian researchers and researchers of the country accredited, with the aim of increasing bilateral and multilateral cooperation.