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Companies and trusted experts


Companies and trusted experts

On June 8, 2011 it came into force on the Decree of the President of the Republic October 5, 2010, n. 207, Article. 84, in particular, has the qualification of Italian businesses for hiring public works, with particular reference to the certification of work performed abroad.
The new legislation Inventory report innovates how to enter data in the computerized database of public contracts, managed by the Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts (AVCP) for which I have involved both consular offices abroad that the central structure of the BUT IT IS.
procedural inactivity consular offices abroad
1. The Consulate accredits the issuance of certificates of work performed abroad one or more professionals, and will be appropriate publication on its website.
2. - The undertaking shall inform the competent consulate to land the need to certify a work created abroad. If the company you are applying to a different Consulate from the one in whose district was carried out the work, will be redirected to the appropriate Consulate.
3 - The Office informs the company of the list of accredited professionals. Where there are no technical confidence in the consular district in which the work was carried out, it is possible for the company to rely on trustworthy technicians accredited consular districts or neighboring countries that on which the work was carried out.
4. - The reliable technician - chosen by the company independently from those indicated in the list provided by the Office, after verification of the conditions of incompatibility - produces a certificate of the model B simplified. The certificate is delivered to the Office in electronic format and hard copy dated, stamped and signed by professional and equipped with self-certification about the non-existence of conditions of incompatibility.
5. Where necessary, the certificate of the model B Simplified is duly legalized and complete translation in accordance issued by the Consular Office, or by an official translator.
6. - The consular office verifies that the stamp and signature on the certificate corresponds to one of the accredited technical, then transmits the data to the central structure of the MAE.

Cost of service rendered by the offices abroad
The applicant company is required to pay for the service, set for only € 100.00 per inclusion of data in a certificate consists of a maximum of 8 pages, and € 10.00 for each extra page. This amount is subject to biennial review.
The amount is paid directly to the affected Office by bank transfer, as payment for "services to businesses for CEL", the following account:
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
BIT. Box 2307, Jakarta 10023 - World Trade Center, 3rd Floor - Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav.29-31 - Jakarta 12920 Indonesia
a / c No. 050-134550-069
Swift code: HSBCIDJA
procedural inactivity of the central structure of the MAE
With the validation of the data entered by the Foreign Office, the central structure of the Ministry causes the introduction of the certificate in the computer records referred to in Article 8 of Presidential Decree 207/2010.

The reliable technician
Normative reference
Under Article. 84, paragraph 2, of Presidential Decree n. 207/2010, "the certification is issued at the request by a trusted technician consulate or Ministry of Foreign Affairs".

Nature of the fiduciary relationship
"Customer trust" means a professional who meet the requirements necessary to properly fulfill the mandate required by Italian law. The "trust" should include the verification that the qualification requirements for the technical correspond to the indications given by the legislation. The Consular Office informs interested professionals about the legal consequences for making false claims.

Accreditation of technical
To obtain the technical accreditation must:
a) meet the legal requirements for issuing the certification, requirements that result generally in the inscription to the same professional body (engineers or architects);
b) possess the technical and professional requirements that under law of their State in which it was carried out the work, are required to certify the same;
c) know the Italian legislation. In particular, the contract Code (Legislative Decree of 12 April 2006, n. 163) and the related Regulations (Decree of the President of the Republic October 5, 2010, n. 207)

In the field of trusted technician accreditation should be specified that:
- The requirement under a) may well encompass the sub b), absorbing it completely;
- The requirement sub c) is self-certificate by the party concerned with the terms and requirements of Article. 3, Presidential Decree 28/12/2000, n. 445;